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Could not create path /home/muvigoco/public_html/log to store log information. Check your folder /home/muvigoco/public_html/log permissions.

vmError: Warning, the Safe Path is not accessible (does not exist or no permission). For safety reasons it is very important to create a folder in a path not accessible by an URL or unguessable name, create also a folder 'invoices' and 'keys' in it to store your sensitive data secure. Our suggested path is for your system '/home/masmecdb/vmfiles/'.
You can also use complex folder name as 'password' for example '/home/masmecdb/public_html/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/A4vH3X6FxiP7/'. Use this link to the config


Diagnostic Set

Diagnostic Set


Diagnostic Set,Pin type including: 1 Otoscope head with 3 reuseable Speculas. 1 Ophthalmoscope head with lens selection wheel (+0 to +20 and -0 to -20) diopters single large circle 1 Bent Arm illuminator, 1 Nasal Speculum 1 Tongue blade holder, 1 tongue Blade 2 Laryngeal mirrors & 1 Battery handle 


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