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Digital ECG Resting and stress ECG machine 12-Channel

all our ECG support disposable electrode and suction cups

  • 5. 60s or 180s R waveform can be acquisitioned for precise analysis;

    6. ST segment report and Minnesota code provide abundant reference information

    for accurate clinical diagnosis;

    7. Various print types: 12x1, 12x1+1rhy+P, 6Tx2, 6x2+1rhy, 6x2+1rhy+P, 3x4+3rhy,

    3x4+1rhy+P, Average Plate+P.

    Main Features

    1. Design patent issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China

    2. Reliable measurement and analysis result contributed by CSE database

    3. Software copyright patent of “real-time age-analysis”which ensures accurate analysis results

    issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China

    4. 12.1”color TFT LCD display

    5. Simultaneous acquisition and display of 12 channel ECG waveforms

    6. Alphameric keyboard, one touch operation

    7. Complete digital filters of ADS, EMG, HUM and low-pass

    8. Freeze function: observe any abnormal ECG waveform

    9. Multi-format printouts

    10. Any lead can be rhythm lead

  • For stress ECG optional accessories

  • Tread wheel support Ergoselect series and Ergosana series;

    Ergoselect series ( ergoselect 50, ergoselect 100, ergoselect 150, ergoselect 200, ergoselect400, ergoselect 600, ergoselect 1000, ergoselect 1100, ergoselect 1200.

    Ergosana series ( sana150s, sana 250s, sana 320f, sana 350f, sana 450f.

    Tread mill support tmx425, tms425c, tmx425cp of Trackmaskter (


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