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Autoclave Horizontal Slid door

SLIDING DOOR MODEL Capacity 100 - 653 Litre


It is indicated for the sterilization of materials and several instruments use in hospitals, clinics and nurse homes, first aid units, industries, lactary services,vivaria, quality control laboratories, pharmaceutical and clinical analysis laboratories, etc. The sterilization process is performed through saturated steam ofwater under pressure. The air removal of the internal chamber during the sterilization process and materials drying are performed with the support of avacuum pump. The panel is supplied with manometer, compound gauge, general switch, emergency button and IHM (Human Machine Interface). The controlmay be performed through the Programmable Logic Controller (CLP) with two IHM options, by the membrane push button, with liquid crystal graphic displaywith backlight or graphic display with Touch Screen system, with F0 calculation. The control may also be performed through a dedicated microprocessorcontrol with the programming of the desired parameters. Alternatively, the parameters register may be performed by a serial matrix printer or thermal matrixprinter, graphic recorder or supervisory software. Rectangular or cylindrical internal chamber manufactured in stainless steel plate, with sanitary polishedfinish or electro-polished finish. External chamber manufactured in stainless steel plate, galvanized plate coated or stainless steel coated. Port, flange,connections and steam generator are also manufactured in stainless steel. Closure system may be carried out through a Sliding port, with manual orautomatic drive, or yet, hatch closure (Central Flywheel Port). Hydraulic system completely manufactured in anti-corrosion material, the pipes weremanufactured in copper or stainless steel, and the connections were manufactured in stainless steel or brass. Internal structure of the autoclave wasmanufactured with stainless steel corner angles or carbon steel, with anti-corrosion treatment and epoxy coat, externally coated with stainless steel plateswith brushed finish. It is provided with safety devices as: safety valves, pressure switches, safety locks and port interlocking, alarms and automatic shutdownof the sterilization cycle in case of failures, etc. Designed and manufactured in accordance with standards ABNT NBR ISO 11816, ABNT NBR ISO 17665,ABNT NBR ISO 14971, ABNT NBR ISO 5410, ASME Section VIII, Division I, NR-13,EN 285, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, etc.


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